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Almost Human


This painting was unfortunately stolen years ago during my stay at an artist COOP. Blurry and out of focus, it's the only image I currently have of this work (that may or my not still exist). 

This was one of my first paintings and it is representational of a time when I felt "normal". There was peace and harmony and I did so much reading, writing, and painting. It was unfortunately short-lived, but I felt almost human while it lasted. 

Almost Human.jpg

Previous Works



This oil on canvas painting is called Sunflower. It was completed during a time of distress and unrest. While sunflowers themselves are often considered positive, happy, cheerful, and hopeful, in this case the flower is being engulfed by an unknown darkness consisting of layers upon layers of different colors, creating a dichotomy of emotions. 

Material: Oil on Canvas

Size: 60" x 40"




The tri-drawing is a commissioned work consisting of three prominent black figures in history, Nina Simone, Audre Lorde, and Miles Davis. Each drawing has an abstract background representing chaotic neutral, harmony & light, and enigmatic energy.


Audre Lorde is pictured here.

Material: pencil on paper, thin layer of oil paint

Size: 20" x  20"

*Click image to see all of the drawings on my Instagram. 

Screenshot 2023-11-30 at 9.28.50 AM.png

Current Work


   Check out my                Instagram for more recent works for sale!

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Commissioned Work

Please contact me via email or DM on Instagram regarding the scope of your project. Also, keep in mind I'm a neurodivergent artist that takes my time with work so there is no quick turnaround option. *Sometimes I get lucky and get on a streak, but not often. 

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