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2015 BFA, St. Edward's University, English Literature

2012 AA, Austin Community College, English

Small Treasures (Digital Art)_edited_edi


2022 SuperChief Gallery LA, NEO Form, LA, California

2020 Superfine! Art Fair​, Manhattan, New York

2015 Efervescent at Spiderhouse, Austin, Texas​

2014 Raw Artists: Allure, Austin, Texas

2012 Up Collective, Coffee & Milk, Austin, Texas

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I'm from the city of the violet crown, otherwise known as good ol' Austin, Texas. I make world famous mac and cheese; I've backpacked Mexico 5 times, and these days I'm most often snuggled up with our puppy drinking a (hopefully still hot) cup of coffee.

I've been working on various forms of art for more than twenty years. While I primarily work with oil on canvas, sometimes I enjoy working with mixed media, sculpting, stop-motion, digital art, illustration, and probably other mediums I'm not considering at the moment. Oh, and I enjoy writing.  

"Why is your work not consistent"

or "What type of art do you do?" 

I'm autistic / neurodivergent. I make art with things I get fascinated with (repetition) and those fascinations change from one project to the next; or thoughts I'm trying to bring outside of my mind so that I can better understand them and better understand the world (communication). Besides, creating similar or the same type of art in a factory like fashion is redundant and, to me, boring.

Working on art is the only time I feel human. 

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